Cost: $349.00

Classes Always Run!

Time: 10 am – 4:30 pm EST
Length: 1 day class
Type: Instructor-led
Courseware: Most course materials will be provided in electronic format via eBooks. The exception for this will be Articulate and Lectora Courses.
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Snagit gives you the tools you need to create engaging images and videos for presentations, feedback, tutorials, and training documents. This course gives you a solid foundation that will allow you to produce great screen captures.
This one day class is for eLearning and technical communication professionals who need to capture screen grabs, make notations, and record quick video demos. A working knowledge of Windows operating system is helpful.
After taking this class you will be able to:

  • Make a Screen Capture of your computer screen
  • Create quick demo videos
  • Enhance images with stamps, text, and effects
  • Organize your screen captures
  • Add tags and other meta data to your captures
  • Share your images and videos to presentations, social media sites, and more

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Snagit

  • What can SnagIt Do?
  • Default Profiles
  • Snagit Hotkeys
  • A first look at the work area
  • Making your first Capture
  • Previewing the Capture in SnagIt Editor

Lesson 2: Image Capture Basics

  • Region, Window, or Scroll a Window
  • Entire Screen and Window
  • Region and Fixed Region
  • Object
  • Menu
  • Free Hand Area
  • Clipboard Contents and Chain
  • Scanner or Camera
  • Multiple Areas of a Screen

Lesson 3: Capture Scenarios

  • Include the Cursor in an Image Capture
  • Scrolling, Large, or Oversized Image Captures
  • Web Page Longer than a Browser Window
  • Web Page Longer and Wider than a Browser Window
  • Web Page Wider than the Browser Window
  • Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files
  • Vertical Region of Web Page with Active Links
  • Region of a Web Page Not Visible in a Browser Window
  • Secondary Web Page Window Longer and Wider than a Browser Window
  • Capturing Application Menu
  • Timed Captures

Lesson 4: Adding Effects

  • Add an Effect during Image Capture
  • Color Effects
  • Image Scaling Effect
  • Caption Effect
  • Border Effect
  • Fade, Torn, Saw, Sharktooth, Beveled, and Wave Edge Effects
  • Watermark Effect
  • Trim Effect
  • Transparent Background Capture Options

Lesson 5: Video Capture in SnagIt

  • Record a Video Capture
  • Recording Interface Overview
  • Aspect Ratio Selection Guides and Capture Settings
  • Recording Microphone Audio
  • MPEG-4 Video Format
  • Video Capture Tips

Lesson 6: Setting Up a Snagit Profile

  • What is a Snagit Profile?
  • Context Sensitive Menu Options
  • Create a New Profile Based on an Existing Profile
  • Create a New Profile with the Profile Wizard
  • Profile Hotkeys
  • Organize and Sort Profiles
  • Snagit OneClick – The Fastest Way to Capture
  • OneClick Configuration Options

Lesson 7: Using Snagit Editor

  • Get Familiar with the Editor
  • The Ribbon Tabs
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Open Captures Tray
  • Video Playback Controls
  • Mini Toolbar
  • The Quick Styles Gallery
  • Snagit Editor Hotkeys

Lesson 8: Snagit Editor Tasks

  • Make a Selection on the Canvas
  • Copy, Paste, Cut, Crop, and Delete
  • View and Zoom
  • Resize

Lesson 9: Using Objects

  • Vector Objects
  • Arranging Objects on the Canvas
  • Object Options
  • Drawing Tools
  • Call Outs and Stamps
  • Pen, Highlight, Text, Lines and Shapes

Lesson 10: Snagit Visuals

  • Image Effects
  • Color Effects
  • Filters

Lesson 11: Output From Snagit

  • Email
  • FTP
  • Dropbox
  • Program
  • Clipboard
  • Microsoft Output
  • YouTube Output

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