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Lectora Training

Lectora is the one of the leading content creation tools that empowers eLearning developers to build, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact eLearning content.

Lodestone provides public Lectora classes online and at your location.

Delivery Options

Experience the finest delivery of online Lectora Publisher training via Lodestone Live. Skip all the travel – with Lodestone Live you get step-by-step instructions, tips & tricks, and all your questions answered by the instructor. Prior to the class you will receive either a hard copy book and training media, or a series of electronic files that you can walk along with as we go through Lectora Publisher one step at a time.
In addition to our public classes, we can provide Lectora Publisher training at your location or online for three or more students who need custom solutions.

Before each on-site training session, we take a close look at your current production process, software, resource skill sets, and types of learning content being created. From this data we can distill a training program that not only meets your current needs, but also provides a path for the future.

Our instructors have years of Lectora Publisher production experience, and specialize in implementing digital media tools into a workflow.

Call today to schedule an initial Lectora Publisher training assessment. Toll-Free 866.665.9441.

Lectora Publisher Classes

My instructor was excellent. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but he made the class interesting and fun. He answered all my questions, and he always made sure that I wasn’t getting left behind. He put me at my ease, and I learned a lot from him.
Jane Galasso, The Citadel