Be an eLearning Superstar with Storyline!

You’ll create a complete Articulate Storyline project from beginning to end.

The team at Lodestone will show you how to create soft skill training, demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes without any programming.

Learn to go beyond PowerPoint and achieve superior results in fewer steps thanks to Storyline’s intuitive user interface, easy to use templates, and a multitude of time saving features. Understand how to easily integrate your content with eLearning applications and leading Learning Management Systems to deliver HTML5 to virtually any device.

  • Learn essential skills in just one day!
  • Hands-on exercises
  • View class recordings for up to six months
  • Instruction from eLearning experts

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Length: 1 Day Class
Type: Instructor-led
Materials: Handouts, templates and course assets
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Cost: $349.00

Learn It In A Day!

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • What is Articulate Storyline?
  • Feature set review
  • Planning your Storyline Project
  • Screen Size
  • The Articulate Storyline workflow

Lesson 2: The Storyline Interface

  • Creating New Project
  • The Story View panel
  • The Storyline Scene
  • Inserting Slides
  • Templates
  • Basic Layouts
  • The Trigger Panel
  • The Properties Panel
  • Creating a New Slide
  • Using the Insert Slide Panel

Lesson 3: Starting Your First Storyline Course

  • Your First Slide
  • Import PowerPoint File
  • Add Character
  • Previewing Your Course
  • Making a Slide Interactive
  • Creating a Drag and Drop
  • Adding a Button
  • Recording a Screencast
  • How to Record
  • Making Edits
  • Adding a Quiz Question
  • Building a Form Based Quiz Question
  • Adding a Results page
  • Publishing Your Course

Lesson 4: Editing a Slide and Adding Content

  • The Slide View
  • The Scene View
  • The Trigger Panel
  • The Slide Layers Panel
  • Working with Slide Layers
  • Creating your First Layer
  • Adding Text
  • Adding a Draw Shape
  • Adding a Button
  • Adding a Character
  • The Timeline Panel
  • The States Panel
  • The Notes Panel
  • Adding an Image
  • Adding Video
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding a Screen Shot
  • Adding a Web object

Lesson 5: Building Interactivity with Slide Layers

  • Using Slide Layers
  • Copy cut and Paste into Slide Layers
  • Object Layer Coloring
  • Dim non-selected layers
  • Using the Eye icon in the Layer
  • Simple Triggers
  • How Layers Display
  • Layer Properties
  • Object Properties
  • Object Animations
  • Adjusting the base layer objects
  • Creating a slide complete message
  • Prevent User from Clicking on the base layer

Lesson 6: Working with Object States

  • Working with Characters
  • Setting the Character
  • Expression
  • Pose
  • Perspective
  • Editing States
  • Normal and Hidden
  • Using Buttons
  • Button States

Lesson 7: Building Quizzes in Storyline

  • Adding a Multiple Choice Question
  • Feedback boxes as Slide Layers
  • Customize the Feedback Boxes
  • Drag and Drop interactions
  • Building a Freeform Interaction
  • The Results Screen- Picking the reported questions

Lesson 8: Screen Recording in Storyline

  • The Storyline Recording Workflow
  • Screen Recording options
  • Editing Interactive Simulations

Lesson 9: Introduction to Slide Branching

  • Linking from Slide to slide
  • Linking to a scene
  • Opening and closing a Lightbox

Lesson 10: Publishing from Storyline

  • Publishing options overview
  • Output to Web
  • Output to LMS
  • Output to HTML5 for web and iPad
  • Output to Word
  • Sending to Articulate Online