Learn the Secrets of Variables, Slide Layers and States

Create Storyline project with amazing interactions. 

Articulate Storyline advanced provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to develop and build advanced interactions, extend the functionality of Storyline, and have a better understanding of Storyline project workflow.

  • Learn advanced techniques in just one day!
  • Hands-on exercises
  • View class recordings for up to six months
  • Instruction from eLearning experts

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Length: 1 Day Class
Type: Instructor-led
Materials: Handouts, templates and course assets
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Cost: $349.00

Learn It In A Day

Lesson 1: The Storyline Trigger Architecture

  • Main Master Triggers
  • Content Master Triggers
  • Slide Triggers
  • Slide Layer Triggers
  • Using the Trigger Architecture

Lesson 2: Slide Layer Strategies

  • Review Slide Layer Properties
  • Slide Layer Visibility Techniques
  • Slide Layer Logic
  • Create an Advanced Interaction with Slide Layers

Lesson 3: Using Custom States

  • Custom vs. Internal States
  • State Strategies
  • Using Media in A State
  • Create an Animated Button
  • Create a Custom Character

Lesson 4: Triggers

  • Planning Advanced Interactions
  • Checking Trigger Logic Flows
  • Setting Variables
  • Creating a Variable Based Game

Lesson 5: Interactive Video

  • Using Video in Storyline
  • Video in Slide Layers
  • Controlling the Video
  • Interactive Video Actions
  • Storyline Player Considerations

Lesson 6: Javascript

  • Using Javascript with Storyline
  • Variables In and Out
  • Setting up the JavaScript Call
  • JavaScript Functions and Storyline

Lesson 7: xAPI and Storyline

  • xAPI Overview
  • Tracking with a LRS
  • Sample xAPI Statements
  • Mobile Delivery Considerations