Start Creating Animations and Special Effects

You’ll create a complete Adobe After Effects project from beginning to end.

Learn to animate text, use special visual effects, create 3D content, and import media to create stunning animations. 

Walk away with a completed video you can use for work, or in your portfolio. 

This class is geared for those just starting out in digital video and animation.

  • Learn essential skills in just one day!
  • Hands-on exercises
  • View class recordings for up to six months
  • Instruction from eLearning experts

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Length: 1 Day Class
Type: Instructor-led
Materials: Handouts, templates and course assets
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Cost: $349.00

Learn it in a day!

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Workflow

  • Getting started
  • Creating a project and importing footage
  • Creating a composition and arranging layers
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating the composition
  • Previewing your work

Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets

  • Importing footage
  • Creating the composition
  • Working with imported Illustrator layers
  • Applying effects to a layer
  • Applying an animation preset
  • Previewing the effects

Lesson 3: Animating Text

  • Getting started
  • About text layers
  • Creating and formatting point text
  • Using a text animation preset
  • Animating with scale keyframes
  • Animating using parenting
  • Animating imported Photoshop text
  • Animating text using a path animation preset
  • Animating text opacity
  • Adding motion blur

Lesson 4: Working with Shape Layers

  • Getting started
  • Adding a shape layer
  • Incorporating video and audio layers
  • Applying a Cartoon effect

Lesson 5: Animating Layers

  • Simulating lighting changes
  • Animating movement in the scenery
  • Animating the shadows
  • Adding a lens flare effect

Lesson 6: Working With Masks &  Green Screen

  • About masks
  • Getting started
  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
  • Editing a mask
  • Keying out a Green Screen

Lesson 7: Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools

  • About the Puppet tools
  • Adding Deform pins
  • Recording animation

Lesson 8: Performing Color Correction

  • Adjusting color balance
  • Replacing the background
  • Removing unwanted elements