Is your learning content worth it?

Perhaps you have asked yourself that question many times with courses that have been rolled out. The instructional strategy was spot on, the media choice seemed right, and the delivery plan was executed flawlessly. Now you’re seeing reports of minimal to no improvement in this critical area. What went wrong?

eLearning development is complex process that requires a deep understanding of the audience members and their media delivery environment. What is their emotional draw to the training, and are they committed?

If your people are worth it – so should your learning.

Lodestone’s eLearning Development Services

Interactive Video

Interactive Video is a high vibration learning media that leads in level of student engagement. Gone are the days of cut out characters and avatars. This is the real world that you can interact with and learn.

Our instructional design methodologies for Interactive Video have been modified to allow for various time structures and story arcs. Lodestone can even combine Interactive Video with gamification, for a completely immersive learning experience.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next phase of performance support. By collecting sensor data from “smart” devices ranging from industrial equipment to medical devices, IoT has the potential to help your organization make smarter, more informed decisions in the workplace. Specific training programs can be suggested to a learner based upon environmental feedback, or performance analytics.

mobileMobile technology has allowed us to break the context of consuming training content at our desks, and provide multi-sensory feedback for performance support. How will your organization take advantage of this opportunity?

Lodestone’s mobile learning solutions intersect business need, successful implementation of technology, learner acceptance, and engaging content.

Its time to get serious about gamification

It’s time to get serious about learning games.

We all know the areas of knowledge required for your organization to be successful: compliance, safety, regulations, and accountability. Why turn this content into a glorified e-book?

Lodestone adds aspects of play, practice and performance to your eLearning. Lodestone’s gamification models are all based upon proven game architectures including quests, multiple outcomes, real world context, levels of success, think and react modes, and friendly competition.

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