Project Description

Title: Bicycle Assembly 101

Project Summary

Solution: eLearning Course

Client: Schwinn

Industry: Sporting Goods

Audience: WalMart & Target Employees North America

Client: Schwinn

The Schwinn Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer with over 100 years of cycling heritage, and is a division of Dorel Industries. Their products have been treasured by generations of cyclists the world over for their quality, dependability and sheer enjoyment of riding. 

The Challenge

Schwinn wanted to convert a standard paper manual to an interactive eLearning course. The audience was a population of WalMart and Target employees working in sporting goods. Many delivery locations had limited bandwidth, and audio capabilities were an unknown at store locations.

In addition, the course content required modularity so students could watch one step in the assembly process for performance support, or consume the content in a linear fashion to experience the full bicycle build.

The Solution

Strategic use of audio and video allowed this course to be delivered within retailer’s various environments. Lodestone worked within a tight budget and time constraint to create a focused course that was successfully delivered to thousands of locations.

Project Features

  • Interactive Video – Students can easily navigate to each task in the video
  • Audio – On screen text and audio were implemented to accommodate all locations
  • Performance Support – Each step can be watched independently
  • LMS Ready – Published to WalMart and Target LMS environments