Project Description

Customer Service Training Video

Project Summary

Solution: Customer Service Video

Client: Duke Energy

Industry: Energy

Audience: 2000 Employees in the Ohio and Indiana Regions

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is a sustainable electric and gas company whose regulated operations serve 7.2 million U.S. customers in the Southeast and Midwest.

The Challenge

Duke Energy’s HR department identified deficiencies in its level of customer service scores.  Through a sweeping initiative, Duke’s regional offices were tasked with creating customer service videos that modeled best employee behavior and set the tone for customer interaction. Creation and distribution was scheduled in six weeks.

The Solution

Lodestone sent our video team to Indiana to film a multi-location training video. Working hand-in-hand with Duke’s management, focused storyboards were rapidly created and converted into location shot list. Using a “run and gun” video shoot, Lodestone captured the story and modeled great customer service interactions. After the shoot, Duke’s team sat in on the edits and went in the recording studio to cut voice over’s for animated titles. The video was delivered on time, and was well received by Duke employees.  

Project Features

  • Storyboarding – Loose concepts were converted to storyboards and detailed shot list
  • Remote Video Shoot – All shots were remote a Duke’s designated locations
  • Voice Over Recording – Final audio and pick-ups were produced in-house
  • Custom Animations – Animated titles and concepts were included