Project Description

AdWorks Production Video Training

Project Summary

Solution: Software Training Videos

Client: AT&T

Industry: Advertising

Audience: Entry level advertising designers

Client Description

AT&T AdWorks focuses on advertising within AT&T’s owned and operated properties, including U-verse TV. The telecom giant launched the unit in 2011 with the aim of expanding its targeted advertising business.

The Challenge

AT&T AdWorks was ramping up production within it’s mobile and online space. Inconsistencies with workflow and ad quality were common with new hires. Employees were required to take training on baseline image editing skills, and detailed production steps.

The Solution

Working closely with the managing staff to determine skill deficiencies compared to the desired production results, Lodestone developed a video training course to address the issues. Using source materials provided by the client, Lodestone produced videos illustrating Adobe Photoshop production techniques and AT&T workflow procedures.

The individual videos were incorporated into AT&T’s learning management system. New and existing employees were now free to learn as needed and production was much more efficient and consistent.

Project Features

  • Branding – Maintained the AT&T Adworks brand
  • Modular Video – Segmented videos for easy consumption
  • Animation – Individual steps were animated to emphasis screen action