Start Building Engaging eLearning Courses

You’ll create a complete iSpring eLearning project from beginning to end.

Create interactive eLearning courses with narrations, interactions, quizzes and surveys directly from PowerPoint and publish for LMS. Start creating interactive and effective eLearning content using advanced features of PowerPoint and special eLearning functionality provided by iSpring Suite.

Walk away with a completed course you can use for work, or in your portfolio. 

  • Learn essential skills in just one day!
  • Hands-on exercises
  • View class recordings for up to six months
  • Instruction from eLearning experts

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Length: 1 Day Class
Type: Instructor-led
Materials: Handouts, templates and course assets
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Cost: $349.00

Course Outline:

Lesson 1:Getting to Know iSpring

  • What is iSpring Suite
  • The PowerPoint Relationship
  • iSpring Course Features
  • The iSpring Tab
  • The iSpring Design Process
  • iSpring File Structure
  • Save a iSpring Course
  • Copy, Back Up and Share Files
  • Previewing Your Course
  • Getting Help

Lesson 2: Setting Up Player Templates

  • Using Templates
  • Video View Modes
  • Keyboard Controls
  • MultiLevel Navigation
  • Keyboard Controls
  • Navigation Disabling
  • Using the Marker Tool
  • Settings Export and Import

Lesson 3: Setting Presentation Options

  • Presentation Options
  • Working with Logos
  • Add Logos
  • Tips for Working with Logos
  • Working with Presenters
  • Add Presenters
  • Tips for Working with Presenters
  • Working with Playlists
  • Add Playlists
  • Playlist Options
  • Quality Settings
  • Pre-Set Options
  • Image Quality Settings
  • Audio Quality Settings
  • Publishing Options
  • Other Setting

Lesson 4: Creating a Course in iSpring Pro

  • Using PowerPoint Features
  • Slide and Slide Titles
  • Text and Tables
  • Speaker Notes
  • Images and SmartArt
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Branching in PowerPoint
  • Create “Pop-Up” Interactions
  • Create Branching Simulations
  • Presenter Content Features
  • Add Attachments
  • Insert a Web Object

Lesson 5: Working With Audio

  • Narration Options
  • Record Narration in PowerPoint
  • Bright Ideas for Audio
  • Recording Narration in iSpring
  • The Recording Control Panel
  • Record Once Slide at a Time
  • Record across Multiple Slides
  • Import a Single Audio File
  • Import a Multiple Audio Files
  • Power Tips
  • The Narration Editor
  • Edit an Audio File
  • Move around the Narration Editor
  • Delete Audio
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Audio
  • Import Audio into the Waveform
  • Export Audio
  • Record Audio into the Waveform
  • Synchronize Animations

Lesson 6: Multimedia

  • YouTube videos insertion
  • External Flash movies adding
  • AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips
  • PowerPoint Trim and Crop video feature support
  • MP3, WAV and WMA audio
  • PowerPoint Trim audio feature
  • Presentation background audio
  • Sounds for animation effects and slide transitions support
  • Multimedia compression control
  • Web Objects Insertion

Lesson 7: Flash & Video

  • File Options
  • Insert a Movie or Flash File
  • Design Tips
  • Using Video Encoder
  • Import an Existing Video
  • Capture a Video from your WebCam
  • Basic Video Controls
  • Editing Your Video
  • Trim a Video Clip
  • Crop a Video Clip
  • Add a Logo
  • Publish Your Video
  • Use Custom Encoding Settings

Lesson 8: Publishing

  • Understanding Publishing
  • Publishing Formats
  • Publish a Course
  • Design Tips for Working with a Learning Management System
  • Publish for an LMS
  • Posting Published Files (LMS)
  • Publish for HTML
  • Publish to ZIP