Start Creating Animations and Special Effects

You’ll create a complete Adobe After Effects project from beginning to end.

Learn to animate text, use special visual effects, create 3D content, and import media to create stunning animations. 

Walk away with a completed video you can use for work, or in your portfolio. 

This class is geared for those just starting out in digital video and animation.

Adobe After Effects Online Training Classes from Lodestone
  • Learn essential skills in just one day!
  • Hands-on exercises
  • View class recordings for up to six months
  • Instruction from eLearning experts

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET
Length: 1 Day Class
Type: Instructor-led
Materials: Handouts, templates and course assets
Location: Online via Lodestone Live

Cost: $349.00

Learn it in a day!

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Workflow

  • Getting started
  • Creating a project and importing footage
  • Creating a composition and arranging layers
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating the composition
  • Previewing your work

Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets

  • Importing footage
  • Creating the composition
  • Working with imported Illustrator layers
  • Applying effects to a layer
  • Applying an animation preset
  • Previewing the effects

Lesson 3: Animating Text

  • Getting started
  • About text layers
  • Creating and formatting point text
  • Using a text animation preset
  • Animating with scale keyframes
  • Animating using parenting
  • Animating imported Photoshop text
  • Animating text using a path animation preset
  • Animating text opacity
  • Adding motion blur

Lesson 4: Working with Shape Layers

  • Getting started
  • Adding a shape layer
  • Incorporating video and audio layers
  • Applying a Cartoon effect

Lesson 5: Animating Layers

  • Simulating lighting changes
  • Animating movement in the scenery
  • Animating the shadows
  • Adding a lens flare effect

Lesson 6: Working With Masks &  Green Screen

  • About masks
  • Getting started
  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
  • Editing a mask
  • Keying out a Green Screen

Lesson 7: Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools

  • About the Puppet tools
  • Adding Deform pins
  • Recording animation

Lesson 8: Performing Color Correction

  • Adjusting color balance
  • Replacing the background
  • Removing unwanted elements