Green eLearning

green_elearningBy learning online you are reducing your carbon footprint with minimized CO2 emissions. Taking a green eLearning class through Lodestone Live you are reducing the following:

  • Flight Emissions
  • Car Emissions
  • Public Transportation Emissions
  • Reduced Print-outs of travel itenerary
  • Reduced use of training facilities
  • Reduced use of hotels

Take a Lodestone Live class and help save the Earth!

Superior Training. Amazing Value.

Lodestone Live offers and amazing online training experience with substantial savings to your bottom line.

Imagine an online experience where you get step-by-step instructions, tips & tricks, and all you questions answered.

Prior to the class you will receive either a hardcopy book and training media, or a series of electronic files that you can walk along with as we go through each application one step at a time.

Our vendor Authorized instructors will guide you through applications like Adobe Photoshop, Articulate Storyline, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate.

Be amazed at what you can learn through Lodestone Live

LIVE Online Training

Passive training will only take you so far. Why not expect more from your training experience? Get engaged in our online classrooms and be amazed at what we can teach you without  you ever  having to leave your office.

Lodestone Live is the next best thing to being there. Interact with one of our certified instructors via our chat and voip features. Ask questions, converse with other students and become a part of the training experience.

You don

Save Time & Money

Finding it difficult to coincide the typical event based stand up training with your already hectic schedule? Does the prospect of missing another overpriced flight or having an uncomfortable nights sleep away from home sound appealing to you?

Well you can say goodbye to those hassles and more when you train with Lodestone Live. You have enough to do already, let us bring the training to you.

Learn on the Go with Lodestone Live

Learn on the Go

At Lodestone we understand a busy schedule so we won’t tie you down to learn. Instead, we give you the freedom to learn wherever you are on whatever device you have. If you do happen to be at your desk, then use your mobile device to participate in the online classroom while you work through the exercises on your computer.

Use your mobile to device to watch and interact with your instructor and fellow classmates. Simply download a free app to your device and start learning. It’s just that simple. And because your device has a microphone and camera, it is easier than ever to communicate directly with your instructor.

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