Cost: $695

Duration: Two Days

Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM ET | 7 AM – 1:30 PM PT


Are you ready to create amazing eLearning content?! In this one-day, project-based course you’ll learn the essentials of Adobe Captivate. The Lodestone team has identified the core features of Captivate that will make you successful including adding text, images, media, interactions, questions and finally publishing. Create engaging, interactive and mobile-ready eLearning modules in no time with Adobe’s premiere eLearning development tool.


  • An Overview of the Captivate Interface
  • Creating a New Captivate Project
  • Adding Interactive Content
  • Adding Audio and Video
  • Screen Recording
  • Quiz Questions
  • Publishing your Project


  • Class project files
  • Class recording

Project Description

SpringHouse restaurant is expanding and requires a training application for new hires. Your project must incorporate the SpringHouse brand, audio, video and engaging interactions. A quick tour of the SpringHouse website through a demonstration recording. The target devices will be desktop and tablet so HTML5 output is required.    

Course Outline

Day 1

Lesson 1:

  • What Can Captivate Create?
  • Reviewing the eLearning Workflow
  • Today’s Project: New Hire Training
  • Quick Tour of the Captivate Interface
  • Using a Storyboard
  • Importing PowerPoint
  • Editing PowerPoint

Lesson 2:

  • Building your first slides
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Modify a Theme
  • Importing an Image
  • Using Text from a Storyboard
  • Importing Video
  • Importing Audio
  • Recording Audio

Lesson 3:

  • Creating a Knowledge Check – True/False
  • Creating a Knowledge Check – Multiple Choice
  • Editing a Knowledge Check
  • Understanding Quiz Question Properties
  • Adding a Quiz
  • Reviewing Quiz Results

Day 2

Lesson 4:

  • Using a Button
  • Adding Action
  • Creating an Interaction
  • Modifying an Interaction
  • Creating External Links

Lesson 5:

  • Screen Recording
  • Demonstration, Guided Practice and Assessment
  • Editing a Recording
  • Recording a Video
  • Editing a Video

Lesson 6:

  • Testing your Project
  • Publishing to HTML5
  • Publishing to an LMS