Our Story

Lodestone got its start in 1998 as InteractiveFun!, a company focused on transforming the typical drudgery of classroom training into an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. This philosophy permeated the company’s interactions with all clients, including individuals, public, private organizations, and corporations. Many clients became repeat customers and entrusted us with more responsibility with customized, on-site training as well as consulting projects.

In 2003, our name change to Lodestone Digital was intended to reflect the refinement and expansion of services to our clients. Literally, a lodestone is a natural magnet that can be used as a compass. Over time Lodestone Digital has evolved into a company known for providing guidance for its clients through the critical transfer of knowledge from peer to peer.

In late 2012 we refined our message to focus on education technology strategies and became just Lodestone. The Lodestone theme was carried over with our service mark representing a compass. The compass represents a tool that assists and guides you to your destination.

What We Do

We are focused on knowledge transfer in eLearning development and digital media creation.

Lodestone offers eLearning production and consulting and co-development services. We provide certified classroom and on-site training in eLearning, mLearning and Adobe software.